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КВМ-переключатель TRIPP LITE B020-U16-19-IP. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя TRIPP LITE B020-U16-19-IP. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 57 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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Аккумуляторы / Источники питания TRIPP LITE, КВМ-переключатели TRIPP LITE
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16 Ноября 2021 г.
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  • Owner’s Manual
    Console KVM Switch
    with IP Access
    Models: B020-U08-19-IP, B020-U16-19-IP
    Register your product for quicker service and ultimate peace of mind.
    You could also win an ISOBAR6ULTRA surge protector—a $50 value!
    1111 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60609 USA • www.tripplite.com/support
    Copyright © 2015 Tripp Lite. All rights reserved.
  • Table of Contents
    1. FCC Information                                 3       6.4.8 Local Console OSD F8 Logout Function       14
    2. User Notice                                     3       6.4.9 Local Console Pushbuttons                  14
    6.4.10 Local Console Hotkey Commands             14
    3. Package Contents                                3
    6.5 Logging Into the KVM over IP                  16
    4. Introduction                                    3
    6.5.1 Logging In via Web Browser                 16
    4.1 Overview                                       3
    6.5.2 Logging In via the AP Windows Client       17
    4.2 Features                                       4
    6.5.3 Logging In via the AP Java Client          18
    4.3 System Requirements                            4
    6.6 Web Browser and Non-Browser Remote Port Access   18
    4.3.1 Optional External Console                   4
    6.6.1 Port Access via Remote OSD                 19
    4.3.2 Computers                                   4
    6.6.2 Port Access via Remote OSD Toolbar         19
    4.3.3 Remote Console                              4
    6.6.3 Mouse Synchronization                      20
    4.3.4 Supported Browsers                          4
    6.6.4 Remote Auto Scan                           21
    4.3.5 Custom KVM Cable Kits                       4
    6.6.5 Panel Array Mode                           21
    4.3.6 Operating Systems                           5
    6.6.6 Remote Control Panel                       22
    4.4 Components                                     5
    7. Administration                                 25
    4.4.1 Front View                                  5
    7.1 Local Console OSD                             26
    4.4.2 Rear View                                   6
    7.1.1 Local Console OSD F2 LIST Function         26
    5. Installation                                    7
    7.1.2 Local Console OSD F3 Settings (SET) Page   26
    5.1 General Safety Instructions                    7
    7.1.3 Local Console OSD F4 Administration (ADM) Page   28
    5.2 Standard Rack Mounting                         8
    7.1.4 Local Console Firmware Upgrade             29
    5.3 Grounding                                      8
    7.2 Remote OSD                                    30
    5.4 LCD OSD Configuration                          9
    7.2.1 Remote OSD List Drop-Down                  30
    5.5 KVM Switch Installation                        9
    7.2.2 Remote OSD Configuration Tab               31
    5.6 Network Setup-IP Address Configuration        10
    7.2.3 Remote OSD Administration Tab              31
    5.6.1 Local Console                              10
    7.3 Web Management Interface                      41
    5.6.2 IP Installer                               10
    7.3.1 General Information                        42
    5.6.3 Browser                                    11
    7.3.2 Network                                    42
    6. KVM Operation                                  12
    7.3.3 Security                                   43
    6.1 Sharing USB Peripheral Devices                12
    7.3.4 ANMS                                       44
    6.2 Powering Off and Restarting                   12       7.3.5 User Management                            49
    6.3 Local Console Login                           12
    7.3.6 Customization                              50
    6.4 Local Console Port Access                     13       7.3.7 Maintenance                                51
    6.4.1 Local Console OSD Invocation Sequence      13
    7.3.8 Log                                        51
    6.4.2 Local Console OSD Navigation               13
    7.4 Log Server                                    52
    6.4.3 Local Console OSD Main Screen Headings     13
    8. Specifications                                 55
    6.4.4 Local Console OSD F1 GOTO Function         13
    8.1 OSD Default Settings                          55
    6.4.5 Local Console OSD F5 Skip Function         13
    8.2 Keyboard Emulation                            56
    6.4.6 Local Console OSD F6 Broadcast Mode (BRC)   14
    9. Warranty and Product Registration              57
    6.4.7 Local Console OSD F7 Auto Scan Function    14
  • 1. FCC Information
    This is an FCC Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take
    adequate measures.
    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are
    designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment
    generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful
    interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will
    be required to correct the interference at his own expense.
    2. User Notice
    All information, documentation, and specifications contained in this manual are subject to change without prior notification by the manufacturer. The
    manufacturer makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any
    warranties as to merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Any of the manufacturer’s software described in this manual is sold or licensed “as
    is.” Should the programs prove defective following their purchase, the buyer (and not the manufacturer, its distributor, or its dealer), assumes the entire
    cost of all necessary servicing, repair and any incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software.
    The manufacturer of this system is not responsible for any radio and/or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this device. It is the
    responsibility of the user to correct such interference.
    The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage incurred in the operation of this system if the correct operational voltage setting was not selected prior
    3. Package Contents
    This package consists of:
    •  Console KVM Switch with Built-in IP
    •  6 ft. USB/PS2 Combo KVM Cable Kits (x2)
    •  USB/PS2 Combo Console Cable Kit
    •  Grounding Wire
    •  RJ11 to DB9 Firmware Upgrade Cable
    •  Rackmount Hardware
    •  C13 to 5-15P Power Cord
    •  CD with Owner’s Manual and Device Files
    Check to make sure that all of the components are present and in good order. If anything is missing, or was damaged in shipping, contact your dealer.
    Read this manual thoroughly and follow the installation and operation procedures carefully to prevent any damage to the switch or to any other devices on
    the installation.
    4. Introduction
    4.1 Overview
    The NetDirector Console KVM Switch with IP Access is a control unit
    that allows secure access to multiple computers from a single KVM
    (keyboard, video, and mouse) console. It consists of an integrated LCD
    monitor, keyboard, and touchpad in a 1U rack-mountable housing.
    The NetDirector Console KVM Switch with IP Access features IP-based
    connectivity that allows multiple remote operators to concurrently monitor   Remote
    the computers on your installation. It uses TCP/IP for its communications
    protocol, allowing it to be accessed from any computer on the LAN, WAN,
    or Internet – whether that computer is located down the hall, down the
    street, or halfway around the world.
    Optional External Console

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