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Радионяня SWITEL BCF910. Инструкция на английском языке

Руководство пользователя SWITEL BCF910. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 2 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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Для детей SWITEL, Радионяни SWITEL
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  • 2 m away can be viewed. The display only provides a black and
    If the brightness of the area monitored no longer suffices for normal
    When the night vision function is activated, only objects up to
    operation, the equipment automatically switches to night vision.
    menu The menu can be used to execute various functions and define diverse settings. All the settings are confirmed by pressing the ?Menu? button [7]. Skip back in the menu levels by pressing the  ? ?Bottom? [9] or ?Left? [5] ? Lower the volume.  ? ?Top? [6] or ?Right? [8] ? Increase the brightness. ? ?Bottom? [9] or ?Left? [5] ? Reduce the brightness.  section ? ?Top? [6] or ?Bottom? [9] ? Select the picture section.  ? ?Top? [6] or ?Bottom? [9] ? Select the language.  units  transmitter An icon indicates whether a transmitter unit is registered at positions  Registration is only possible at a free position, e.g. ?Camera 2?.  unit If several
    function       the  using  ? ?Menu? [7] ? Open the menu.  volume  ? ?Top? [6] or ?Right? [8] ? Raise the volume.  brightness  picture  language  Thumbs up. ? Transmitter unit is registered.  a transmitter unit  ? ??Register Camera???Camera 2???Yes? ? Press ?ON/OFF? [15] on the transmitter unit.  a transmitter unit  ? ??Register Camera???Camera 2???Yes?  transmitter  a transmitter unit manually  changing ? ??Camera Selection???Auto Scan???Never?.  /  wake-up  ? ?Top? [6] or ?Bottom? [9] ? Set the hour. ? ?Top? [6] or ?Bottom? [9] ? Set the minute.
    vision                  ?On/Off? button [11].  the  ? ??Volume?.  the  ? ??Brightness?  the  ? ??Zoom In?.  the  ? ??Language?.  Registering/Deregistering  ? ??Register Camera?.  ?Camera 1? to ?Camera 4?.  ? ?Register Camera 2??.  Deregistering  E.g. ?Camera 2?.  ? ?Camera 2 unregistered?.  a  preset intervals.  Example ?Camera 2?.  Example: every 20 seconds.  the  the time  Example. Wake-up alarm time.
    Night      white image.  Settings  Setting  Setting  plug  Selecting  Select  Registering           Selecting  Selecting  Changing  Deactivating  Setting  Setting
    ? The transmitter unit is switched on. ? The transmitter unit is switched off.  unit  transmitter  adapter  power  cable  USB  ? The receiver unit is switched on.  ? The receiver unit is switched off.  unit  receiver  the
    on/off         the                   unit      the  via  the  via               on                                                      ? Voice communication is possible from the
    unit The transmitter unit continues to transmit even when the receiv- er unit is switched off. The signals can be received by other  on  Operation/Charge indicator [22] flashes green. ? The unit is Operation/Charge indicator [22] lights up red. ? The unit is switched Operation/Charge indicator [22] flashes red. ? The unit is switched  The unit can be powered by the battery, by a normal mains power supply via the power adapter plug or by a USB connection on a  unit ? Connect the power adapter plug to the power adapter connection [10] on the receiver unit and a properly installed mains power outlet.  unit ? Connect the USB cable to the USB connection [10] on th
    transmitter    indicator Operation/Charge indicator [22] lights up green. ? The unit is switched on, the battery is charged.  switched on, the battery is being charged.  receiver  receiver  ? The receiver unit is switched on automatically.  receiver  receiver  The start screen appears in the display.  charge Charge indicator [4] lights up. ? The battery is charged.  display  ment in the vicinity can also cause disturbance. ? Alarm clock or feed alarm is switched on.  ? ?Right? [8] ? Photo is saved on the micro SD card.
    the       ? ?ON/OFF? [15] 5 sec. ? ? ?ON/OFF? [15] 5 sec. ?  Operation/Charge  on, the battery must be charged.  off, the battery is being charged.  the  up  the  the  switched on automatically.  serve for data transfer.  the  ? ?On/Off? [11] 5 sec. ?  ? ?On/Off? [11] 5 sec. ?  and  the  ? High signal strength.  ? Low signal strength.  ? No signal.  ? Battery is fully charged.  ? Battery is empty.  screen  from the transmitter units registered.  function  receiver unit to the transmitter unit.  function  installed in the receiver unit .
    Switching  devices.                  Starting  computer.  Connecting  unit  Connecting  Switching  Operation  in  Icons  Split    split screen.  Talk  ? ?Left? [5] ?  Photo
    operations   Keep the button pressed the button for 5 seconds  [6], ?Right? [8] or ?Bottom? [9] and confirm the selection by pressing the ?Menu?  unit  receiver  receiver  the  in  unit  adapter  power  the  USB  the
    of             Select the subsequent menu option with the Navigation buttons ?Left? [5], ?Top?  Represents the appearance of a menu option Represents an icon in the display  the  The battery must be charged for at least 8 hours before being  card In order to record videos or pictures, a micro SD card [14] must be  ? Slide the holder downwards, carefully. ? The holder is unlocked.  transmitter The base enables the camera [17] to be aligned accurately. The base can also be used to install the transmitter unit on a wall or the ? Screw the screw in the base in the thread [16] on the rear side of  unit The transmitter unit is equipped with a built-in battery. The
    explanation  Action to take  Result of action  Reference in the graphic  Press the button  Press and hold the button  button [7].  in  battery ? Slide the cover on the rear downwards and remove it. ? Insert the rechargeable battery in the battery compartment.  SD  micro  ? Slide the holder upwards, carefully. ? The holder is locked.  the  for  ? Fix the alignment using the screw at the rear of the base.  transmitter be powered by the integrated battery, by a normal mains power supply via the power adapter plug or by a USB connection on a  transmitter  the transmitter unit and a properly installed mains power outlet. ? The transmitter unit is switched on auto
    and                                   the     ? Close the battery compartment.  used for the first time.  the  inserted (not included).  ? Open out the holder. ? Insert the micro SD card [14].  ? Close the holder.  base  the  ? Align the camera [17].  the  up  the  the  serve for data transfer.
    Display  ?  ?  [2]  ?RESET?  ?  5sec. ?  ?  ?Volume?  Inserting  Inserting                Using  ceiling.  the transmitter unit.  Starting  computer.  Connecting  plug  Connecting
    and                by furniture or  them to  ecolo-
    are damaged.  small objects, packaging  its packaging!  the power adapter plugs. Ensure  cable!  over them!  trip  the environment from batteries!  batteries or allow  toxic and  contain
    or rechargeable batteries which different capacities or charge statuses together. Never use  through  away from the product and  ? CAUTION!  power adapter plugs!  heat up.  power adapter plugs is not obstructed  improperly laid  due to  that nobody can  and ? Never open, damage or swallow pollute the environment. They could  use The baby monitor serves to monitor a baby/child in a room. The transmitter unit, located near the child, transmits noises and images from its immediate vicinity to the receiver unit. Any other use is con- sidered unintended use. Unauthorised modification or reconstruction is not permitted. Under no circumstances open the devices or
    standard  Risk of suffocation  •  protective foil!  children  ? Keep  Risk of fire through  •  Power adapter plugs can ? Never leave any objects on  access to  such.  Risk of tripping  •  ? Lay the cables so  health  Risks to  •  gically harmful heavy metals.  Intended  plete any repair work yourself.  ment are not transmitted.  in  only  Use  Package  Receiver unit  -  Transmitter unit  -  Cradle for receiver unit  -  Base for transmitter unit  -  Battery for receiver unit  -  2 power adapter plugs  -  USB cable  -  Operating manual  -  Operating  Receiver unit  Microphone  1  Display  2  Operation indicator  3  Charge indicator  4  5  6  navigation)  ?Men
    10                                                                         in-
    18                     19               manual            strangle          only
    following                power cables are  and  batteries with
    910       7    8   9                                                         20            the  operating       the cables and  or ones of the same type!  attention  rechargeable batteries together.
    BCF                                                14  17                              manual  observe  the     in  units and of babies/children, i.e. they are at least one meter  due care and
    Monitor  6  5                 11  12                                               ENGLISH  Operating  and  keep  and  reference!  ? WARNING!  cable!  become entangled  and
    Baby  4  3                        13                  16                     21            read  formation  future  information  Risk of fatal injury through  ? Ensure that the baby monitoring  ? Only use the power adapter plugs supplied! ? Only use batteries supplied ? Always treat batteries with  Never use rechargeable batteries or standard
    ON/OFF                    Please  for          could      Risk of explosion!  use batteries as described.  ? Never use standard
    2                                                                         22                                   themselves.  out of reach
    15                                         nearby  Safety  Children  away.
    1                                                                                                         •             •
  • Directive  ter-  of Conformity,  site  web
    parts or devices become our property. Rights to compensation in the
    defective parts, replace them or replace the entire device. Replaced
    positioning or storage, improper connection or installation or Acts of
    guarantee. In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to repair
    God and other external influences are excluded from the terms of
    the       our
    in  stipulated  telecommunications  and minalequipmentandthemutual recognitionof theirconformity.  complete Declaration  on  available
    gross negligence by the manufacturer. case of damage are excluded where there is no evidence of intent or If your device does show signs of a defect within the period of guar- antee, please contact the sales outlet where you purchased the SWITEL device, producing the purchase receipt as evidence. All claims under the terms of guarantee in accordance with this agree- ment can only be asserted at the sales outlet. No claims under the terms of guarantee can be asserted after a period of two years from the date of purchase and hand-over of the product.  Conformity  of  Declaration  requirements  the  fulfils  device  This  equipment  radio  on  1999/
    point                    public waste
    collection  (e.g. recycling  normal domestic  authorities. Disposal
    unit  transmitter  unit                                a  to  it  take  device,  authorities  waste centre). According to the laws on the disposal of electronic and  of in  be disposed Youarelegallyobligedto disposeof powerpacks andbatteries at the point of sale or in the corresponding containers provided  public waste is free of charge. The symbols indicate that the batteries must notbedisposedofinnormal domesticwaste andthat theymust  local  by  provided materials must be disposed of according to local regula-
    automatic recording In order to make a recording, a micro SD card (not included) must be  installed in the receiver unit ). ? ??Motion Detection???Motion Detection Recording???Enable? ? A red dot lights up at the top left of the display. Recording begins when a movement is detected. Recording contin- ues for approx. 10 sec. after a movement is detected. At the same time, the red dot at the top left of the display flashes and the number of seconds recorded appears beside it. All the videos recorded in one day are stored in a separate  automatic recording ? ??Motion Detection???Motion Detection Recording???Disable?.  detection  the motion ? ??Motion Detection??
    Activating             folder.  Deactivating  Activating  Deactivating  Power  Power  Service  of going to print: CHF  sales outlet.  Maintenance  Disposal  order  In  provided  that  indicates  waste!  at  be  authorities.  Packaging  tions.  Guarantee
    the alarm  Example: Wake-up alarm. ? ??Alarm Clocks???Morning Call???Alarm Status???Alarm on?.  the alarm  Example: Wake up alarm. ? ??Alarm Clocks???Morning Call???Alarm Status???Alarm off?.  the alarm function ? ?Menu?[7] ?Alarm function is ended.  activation When the voice activation function is switched on, the display is switched off after a certain period of silence and activated again on  the time for automatic deactivation  Example: 30 seconds. ? ??Voice Activation???Close Video Time???30 seconds?.  off voice activation ? ??Voice Activation???Close Video Time???Never?. the sensitivity for voice activation ? ??Voice Activation???Activation Sensitivity?
    Activating  Deactivating  Ending  Voice  detecting a noise.  Selecting  Switching  Selecting  Example: High.  Displaying  Displaying  respectively.  Basic  Date and  ?24 hours?.  Function  Background  System information  displayed.  Activating  detected.  Selecting  Example: High.

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