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Автомобильный ресивер HYUNDAI H-CDM8032. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя HYUNDAI H-CDM8032. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 39 страницах документа в pdf формате.


Тип устройства
Автомобильный ресивер
Производитель (бренд)
Еще инструкции
Автомультимедиа HYUNDAI, Автомобильные ресиверы HYUNDAI
Язык инструкции
Дата создания
20 Мая 2020 г.
33 просмотра
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718.5 Кб
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  • H-CDM8032
    CD/MP3 RECEIVER                               CD/MP3-РЕСИВЕР
    Instruction manual                Руководство по эксплуатации
  • Table of contents                                                                                                             Before you start
    Dear customer!
    Thank you for purchasing our product. For safety, it is strongly recommended to read
    this manual carefully before connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep
    the manual for reference in the future.
    Table of contents                2    Programming tuner stations    12
    Before you start                 3    Auto memory store/preset scan  12
    Utilization of the product       3    Mono/Stereo control           12
    Important safeguards             3    Local radio station search    12
    Installation/Connection          4    RDS function                  12
    Installation                     4     AF (Alternative Frequencies) function  12
    General notes                  4    TA (Traffic Alarm) function   12
    Din Front/Rear-Mount           4    PTY (Program Type)            13
    1. DIN front-mount (Method A)  4    Other parameter setting       13
    Dismantling the unit           4    RDS-EON control               13
    Trim frame installation        5  Disc/USB/SD/MMC operations      13
    2. DIN rear-mount (Method B)   5    USB/SD/MMC notes              13
    Detachable control panel       5    Insert/Eject disc             14
    Anti-theft system              5    Inserting an SD/MMC card/USB device  14
    Connection                       6    USB/SD/MMC folder playback    14
    Connection diagram             6    MP3/WMA track search          14
    Using the ISO Connector        6    Play/pause                    14
    Operation                        8    Fast forward/rewind           15
    Control elements                 8    Scanning tracks               15
    Front panel                    8    Repeat                        15
    Inner panel                    8    Random playback               15
    Remote controller                9    Multi-session disc reading    15
    LCD layout                      10  General information             16
    General operations              10  Handling compact discs          16
    Turning on/off                10    Cleaning discs                16
    Mode selection                10  Cleaning the unit body          16
    Volume control                10  Accessories                     16
    Mute function                 10  Troubleshooting guide           17
    Audio parameter setting       11  Specification                   18
    Beep                          11
    Equalizer modes               11
    Loudness                      11
    Color (option)                11
    Clock setting                 11
    Subwoofer control             11
    AUX in jack                   11
    Radio operations                12
    Band select                   12
    Auto/Manual tuning            12
    2                                                                                                                                                  3
  • Table of contents                                     Before you start
    Utilization of the product
    If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste. There is
    a separate collection system for used electronic products in accordance with legislation
    that requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling.
    Please contact your local authorities for the correct method of disposal. By doing so, you
    will ensure that your disposed product undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery and
    recycling and thus prevent potential negative effects on the environment and human health.
    Important safeguards              decreases the operation resource of the screen
    and other components of the unit and can
    result in an outage.
    •   Read carefully through the manual to   •   Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery
    familiarize yourself with this unit.  terminal while mounting and connecting the
    •   Keep this manual handy as a reference   unit.
    for operating procedures and precautions. Do   •   The unit is designed for negative
    not allow persons who have not read through   terminal of the battery, which is connected
    this manual to use this unit.       to the vehicle metal. Please ensure it before
    •   “CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT”       installation.
    This product contains a laser diode of   •   When replacing the fuse, be sure to use
    higher class than 1. Laser beams from the   one with an identical amperage rating. Using a
    optical pickup are dangerous to the eyes. To   fuse with a higher amperage rating may cause
    ensure continued safety, do not remove any   serious damage to the unit.
    covers or attempt to gain access to the inside   •   Do not allow the speaker wires to be
    of the product. Refer all servicing to qualified   shorted together when the unit is switched
    personnel.                          on. Otherwise it may overload or burn out the
    •   Do not allow this unit to come into contact
    with liquids. Electrical shock could result. Also,   power amplifier.
    •   Make sure you disconnect the power supply
    damage to this unit, smoke, and overheating   and aerial if you will not be using the system
    could result from contact with liquids or dust.   for a long period or during a thunderstorm.
    Protect this unit from moisture.    •   Make sure you disconnect the power supply
    •   Make sure that foreign objects do not get   if the system appears to be working incorrectly,
    inside the unit; they may cause malfunctions,   is making an unusual sound, has a strange
    or create safety hazards such as electrical   smell, has smoke emitting from it or liquids
    shock or laser beam exposure.       have got inside it. Let a qualified technician
    •   The beginning of operation is the moment   check the system.
    of the unit installation. Before use the device   •   Always keep the volume low enough so that
    in winter it is recommended to heat up the   you can hear sounds from outside the vehicle.
    passenger compartment during 20 seconds or   •   Should this product fail to operate properly,
    to the operation temperature.       contact your dealer or nearest service center.
    •   Using the unit with the temperature that
    goes beyond the operation temperature greatly
    2                                                                          3

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