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Электропиано MEDELI GRAND500 (GB). Инструкция на английском языке

Руководство пользователя MEDELI GRAND500 (GB). Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 63 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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Синтезаторы MEDELI, Электропиано MEDELI
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12 Сентября 2020 г.
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  • Using the Instruction Manual
    Congratulations on your purchase of this digital  piano!
    The piano is an user friendly piano with fabulous sound quality and advance feature such as
    style record and self-learning. No matter you are adult or children, you will enjoy playing the piano
    as it provides amazing styles for accompaniment, expressive tones, and real time record. Other features
    such as numbered musical notation display chord dictionary, variety of songs will help you better master
    the playing skill.
    You are recommended to study this manual carefully before using the unit.
    Please read the following carefully before use:
    Do not expose the piano to high temperature, direct sunlight and excessive dusty places.
    Do not place the piano too close to other electrical appliances such as television and radio as. It may cause interference.
    Do not place the piano to excessive humid area. Avoid putting container with liquid on top of the piano in order to
    prevent damage of the internal parts of the piano by flowing liquid.
    Always unplug AC cord by gripping the plug firmly, but not pulling on the cable.
    Do not apply excessive force to the switches and buttons.
    When the piano is not in use or in the time of thunderstorm, please disconnect the power supply.
    Avoid adjusting the volume level to the maximum or to the levels that you feel uncomfortable, we recommend you to
    limit the volume level to two-third of the max for preventing the damage of audiory sense
    Unplug the power cable before cleaning the piano. Do not connect or disconnect the power cable with a wet hand.
    Check and clean the power plug periodically.
    To avoid damage to the piano and other devices to which it is connected, turn the power switches of all related device
    off prior to connecting or disconnecting cables.
    Clean the piano and remove the dust with a dry soft cloth or a slightly damp cloth.
    Never use cleaners such as thinner or alcohol. To prevent any damage on the surface of the LED display, please
    use lens cleaning tissue to clean the display.
    If the piano cable is damaged, please do not use the piano. Otherwise it may cause fire or electrical hazard.
    In case of malfunction due to improper handling the piano, please switch off and on again after 30 seconds.
    Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the piano. If the piano does not work properly, please contact the
    approved repairer.
    The piano should not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
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  • Main Feature
    Keyboard: 88 hammer action key.
    Operation: use DIAL  & [+/YES]  & [-/NO]  button or direct select button to select desired menu & parameters .
    Voice: 559 voices in total, 28 voices can be selected conveniently from the panel.
    Style: 203 styles in total, including 3 user styles, 16 voices can be selected conveniently from the panel.
    Song: 100 songs in total, each one has self-learning mode.
    Demo: 2 demos in total.
    Chord mode: fingered & full range.
    Song learning: three learning mode of lesson 1/2/3, left and right hand to choose, and offers the GRADE function.
    Chord dictionary: A function for you to learn the chords, including Dirct 1 mode (dictionary mode) and Dirct 2 (test mode).
    Record: 3 user songs, each one includes 1 accomp track & 5 melody tracks.
    Style record: 3 user styles, each one includes 8 paragraphs, each paragraph include 8 tracks.
    SD card: Portable storage device to save & load the user songs,user styles and memory datas.
    Memory: 48 memories in total (8 banks with 6 memories each).
    Style control: sync start, sync stop, start/stop, fill in a/normal, fill in b/variation, intro/ending, fade in/out, chord mode
    Function: tuning, beat, split point, pedal select, reverb level, chorus level, midi in, midi out.
    Mixer: Rhythm_s, rhythm_m, bass, chord 1, chord 2, chord 3 phrase 1, phrase 2, voice r1, voice r2, voice l,
    SD play.
    Others: dual, split, dsp, piano, metronome, o.t.s., transpose +/-, accomp +/-, touch etc.
    Pedal: sustain pedal (immovable);sostenuto pedal (immovable); Multifunctional pedal (soft? start/stop? memory select)
    Interface: midi in/out, phone
    Irradiance keys: style control( sync start sync stop , fill in a/normal,  , fill in b/variation, intro/ending, fade)?
    style record record play/stop?  ?  ? accomp? melody 1~ melody 5,style,voice,song?
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