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Стиральная машина SAMSUNG B1445. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя SAMSUNG B1445. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 176 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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Стиральные машины
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Стиральная машина
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Стиральные машины SAMSUNG, Стиральные машины SAMSUNG
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  • Washing Machine
    Owner’s Instructions
    Register your product at
    www.samsung.com/global/register                          Code No.: DC68-02158F-GB
  • Safety Precautions
    Congratulations on your purchase of this Samsung washing machine.  These Owner's
    Instructions contain valuable information on the installation, use, and care of this appliance.
    Please take the time to read these instructions so that you can take full advantage of the
    washing machine's features and enjoy this appliance for many years to come.
    Before using the appliance
    • Packing materials can be dangerous to children; keep all packing material (plastic bags,
    polystyrene, etc.) well out of the reach of children.
    • The appliance is designed for home use only.
    • Make sure that water and electrical connections are made by qualified technicians,
    observing the manufacturer's instructions (see "Installing the Washing Machine") and
    local safety regulations.
    • All packaging and shipping bolts must be removed before the appliance is used. Serious
    damage may occur if they are not removed.  See "Removing the shipping bolts".
    • Before washing clothes for the first time, you must run a complete cycle without clothes.
    See "Washing for the first time".
    Safety instructions
    • Before cleaning or carrying out maintenance, unplug the appliance from the electrical
    outlet or set the  (On/Off) button to Off.
    • Make sure that the pockets of all clothing to be washed are empty.
    Hard, sharp objects, such as coins, safety pins, nails, screws, or stones can cause extensive
    damage to the appliance.
    • Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water after use.
    • Before you open the door of the appliance, check that the water has drained.  Do not
    open the door if you can still see water.
    • Pets and small children may climb into the  appliance.  Check the appliance before each
    • The glass door becomes very hot during the washing cycle.  Keep children away from
    the appliance while it is in use.
    • Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself.  Repairs made by inexperienced or
    unqualified persons may cause injury and/or make more serious repairs to the appliance
    • If the plug (power supply cord) is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or
    its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
    • This appliance should only be serviced by an authorized service center, and only
    genuine spare parts should be used.
    • This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they
    have been adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the
    appliance safely. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
    with the appliance.
    • This appliance has to be connected to the plug endurable to proper power consumption.
    • This appliance has to be positioned so that the plug is accessible after installation.
    • Do not use processed water containing oil, cream or lotion, which is usually found in
    skin-care shops or massage clinics.  Otherwise this will cause the packing to be
    deformed, which causes a malfunction or water leak.
    • A stainless washing tube does not usually rust. However if some metal such as a hair pin
    is left in the tube for an extended time, the tube could rust. Do not leave water or bleach
    containing chlorine in the tube for an extended period of time. Do not regularly use or
    leave water containing iron in the tube for an extended period of time. If rust starts
    appearing on the surface of the tube, apply a cleansing agent (neutral) to the surface and
    use a sponge or soft cloth to clean it. (Under no circumstances use a metal brush)
    This marking shown on the product or its literature, indicates that it should not be disposed with other
    household wastes at the end of its working life. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health
    from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate this from other types of wastes and recycle it responsibly to
    promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.
    Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product, or their local
    government office, for details of where and how they can take this item for environmentally safe recycling.
    Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. This product
    should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal.
  • Table of Contents
    Safety Precautions------------------------------------------- inside cover
    lnstalling the Washing Machine ------------------------------------------2
    Unpacking the washing machine ----------------------------------------------------2
    Overview of the washing machine --------------------------------------------------2
    Selecting a location -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
    Adjusting the leveling feet  ------------------------------------------------------------3
    Removing the shipping bolts   --------------------------------------------------------3
    Connecting the water supply hose(option)  -------------------------------------- 3
    Connecting the water supply hose ------------------------------------------------- 4
    Positioning the drain hose  ----------------------------------------------------------- 4
    Plugging in the machine    -------------------------------------------------------------5
    Washing a Load of Laundry  ------------------------------------------------ 6
    Overview of the control panel   ------------------------------------------------------ 6
    Washing for the first time ------------------------------------------------------------- 8
    Putting detergent in the washing machine --------------------------------------- 8
    Washing clothes using Fuzzy Logic ----------------------------------------------- 9
    Washing clothes manually  --------------------------------------------------------- 10
    Using delay start   --------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
    Washing tips and hints   ------------------------------------------------------------- 11
    Maintaining the Washing Machine  --------------------------------- 12
    Draining the washing machine in an emergency ----------------------------- 12
    Repairing a frozen washing machine -------------------------------------------- 12
    Cleaning the exterior  ---------------------------------------------------------------- 12
    Cleaning the detergent drawer and recess   ----------------------------------- 13
    Cleaning the debris filter ------------------------------------------------------------ 13
    Cleaning the water hose mesh filter  --------------------------------------------- 14
    Troubleshooting  ----------------------------------------------------------------- 15
    Problems and solutions   ------------------------------------------------------------ 15
    Understanding error messages --------------------------------------------------- 15
    Programme chart ------------------------------------------------------------- 16
    Appendix ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18
    Fabric care chart  --------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
    Electrical warnings   ------------------------------------------------------------------ 18
    Protecting the environment  ------------------------------------------------------- 19
    Declaration of conformity   --------------------------------------------------------- 19
    Specification  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
    SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owner’s Instructions   1

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