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Чайник KENWOOD JK760. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя KENWOOD JK760. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 49 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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Приготовление пищи KENWOOD, Чайники KENWOOD
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14 Января 2021 г.
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    safety                        before plugging in
     Make sure your electricity supply is
     Avoid contact with steam coming  the same as the one shown on the
    out of the spout area when pouring  underside of your kettle.
    and out of the lid when refilling.   This kettle complies with European
     Keep small children away from the  Economic Community Directive
    kettle and never let the cord hang  89/336/EEC.
    down over the worktop edge - a
    before using for the first time
    child could grab it and pull the kettle
     Remove all packaging and any
    down. If you don’t need so much
    cord, shorten it by wrapping any
     Fill to ‘MAX’, boil, then pour the
    excess cord around the underside of
    water away.
    the base .
     Never overfill - boiling water may
    splash out.
     Never put the kettle, powerbase,   lid release
    cord or plug in liquid.    on/off switch with neon
     Do not use if there is any damage   scale filter
    to the kettle, powerbase, cord or   water level window
    plug. Get it checked or repaired: see   powerbase
    ‘service’.                 cord wrap
     This kettle is not intended for use by
    young children or infirm persons  to use your jug kettle
    without supervision.
    1 Fill it through the spout or lid. To
     Young children should be supervised
    open the lid, push the lid release and
    to ensure they do not play with the
    pull the lid back.
     Be economical: do not boil more
     Caution: Do not operate the kettle
    water than you need.
    on an inclined surface.
     To improve the quality of your drinks
     Only use the powerbase supplied
    always use fresh water.
    and keep it clean and dry.
     Empty the kettle after each use.
     Make sure the lid is secure before
    2 Check the lid is closed.
    switching the kettle on.
    3 Plug in and switch on. The neon will
     Warning: Do not open the lid while
    come on.
    the water is boiling.
    4 Your kettle will boil and switch off
     Take care when opening the lid -
    automatically. To re-boil, wait a few
    droplets of hot water may be
    seconds - the on/off switch needs
    time to reset.
     Make sure the kettle is switched off
     Your kettle is fitted with a scale filter
    before lifting or pouring.
    to hold back limescale particles.
     Remove the kettle from the base
     If you find drops of water under your
    before filling or pouring.
    kettle, don’t worry - it is just
     Never put the kettle near or on
    cooker hot plates or gas burners.
     This kettle is for boiling water only.
     This kettle is for domestic use only.
     Failure to observe these cautions
    may result in damage to the kettle.

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