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Цифровая фотокамера PENTAX K200D. Инструкция на английском языке

Руководство пользователя PENTAX K200D. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 266 страницах документа в pdf формате.


Фото и видеокамеры / Фоторамки
Тип устройства
Цифровая фотокамера
Производитель (бренд)
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Фото и видеокамеры / Фоторамки PENTAX, Цифровые фотокамеры PENTAX
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  • e_kb445.book  Page 0  Thursday, February 14, 2008  1:45 PM
    Thank you for purchasing this PENTAX x Digital Camera. Please
    read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the
    features and functions. Keep this manual safe, as it can be a valuable tool in
    helping you to understand all the camera capabilities.
    Lenses you can use
    In general, lenses that can be used with this camera are DA, D FA and FA J lenses and
    lenses that have an Aperture s (Auto) position.
    To use any other lens or accessory, see p.45 and p.230.
    Regarding copyrights
    Images taken using the x that are for anything other than personal enjoyment
    cannot be used without permission according to the rights as specified in the Copyright
    Act. Please take care, as there are cases where limitations are placed on taking
    pictures even for personal enjoyment during demonstrations, performances or of items
    on display. Images taken with the purpose of obtaining copyrights also cannot be used
    outside the scope of use of the copyright as laid out in the Copyright Act, and care
    should be taken here also.
    Regarding trademarks
    PENTAX and smc PENTAX are trademarks of PENTAX Corporation.
    SD logo and SDHC logo are trademarks.
    This product includes DNG technology under license by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
    The DNG logo is either a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems
    Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
    All other brands or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
    respective companies.
    To users of this camera
    • There is a possibility that recorded data may be erased or that the camera may not
    function correctly when used in surroundings such as installations generating strong
    electromagnetic radiation or magnetic fields.
    • The liquid crystal panel used in the monitor is manufactured using extremely high
    precision technology. Although the level of functioning pixels is 99.99% or better, you
    should be aware that 0.01% or fewer of the pixels may not illuminate or may illuminate
    when they should not. However, this has no effect on the recorded image.
    This product supports PRINT Image Matching III. PRINT Image Matching enabled
    digital still cameras, printers and software help photographers to produce images more
    faithful to their intentions. Some functions are not available on printers that are not
    PRINT Image Matching III compliant.
    Copyright 2001 Seiko Epson Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    PRINT Image Matching is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.
    The PRINT Image Matching logo is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.
    Regarding PictBridge
    PictBridge allows the user to connect the printer and digital camera directly, using the
    unified standard for the direct printout of images. You can print images directly from the
    camera through a few simple operations.
    • There is a possibility that the illustrations and the display screen of the monitor in this
    manual are different from the actual product.
  • e_kb445.book  Page 1  Thursday, February 14, 2008  1:45 PM
    We have paid close attention to the safety of this product. When using this
    product, we request your special attention regarding items marked with the
    following symbols.
    This symbol indicates that violating this item could cause
    serious personal injuries.
    This symbol indicates that violating this item could cause
    minor or medium personal injuries, or material losses.
    • Do not disassemble or modify the camera. High voltage areas are present
    inside the camera, with the risk of electric shock.
    • If the camera interior is exposed due to dropping or otherwise damaging the
    camera, never touch the exposed portion. There is the risk of electric shock.
    • To avoid the risk of it being swallowed by mistake, keep the SD Memory
    Card out of the reach of small children. Seek medical attention immediately
    if a memory card is accidentally swallowed.
    • Wrapping the strap around your neck is dangerous. Take care that small
    children do not hang the strap over their necks.
    • Do not look directly at the sun through the camera with a telephoto lens
    attached, as viewing the sun may damage your eyes. Viewing the sun
    directly with a telephoto lens may lead to a loss of eyesight.
    • Be sure to store the batteries out of the reach of children. Placing in mouth
    may cause an electrical shock.
    • Always use the AC adapter exclusively developed for this product, with the
    specified power and voltage. Using an AC adapter not exclusive to this
    product, or using the exclusive AC adapter with an unspecified power or
    voltage can cause a fire, electric shock, or camera breakdown.
    • If any irregularities occur during use, such as smoke or a strange odor, stop
    use immediately, remove the batteries or the AC adapter, and contact your
    nearest PENTAX Service Center. Continued use could cause a fire or
    electric shock.
    • During thunderstorms, unplug and discontinue use of the AC adapter.
    Continued use could cause equipment failure, a fire, or electric shock.
  • e_kb445.book  Page 2  Thursday, February 14, 2008  1:45 PM
    • Do not short the batteries or dispose of the batteries in fire. Do not
    disassemble the batteries. The batteries could explode or catch fire.
    • Of the batteries that can be used in this camera (AA Ni-MH batteries,
    AA lithium batteries and AA alkaline batteries), only the Ni-MH batteries can
    be recharged. Recharging other batteries can cause a fire or explosion.
    • Remove the batteries from the camera immediately if they become hot or
    begin to smoke. Be careful not to burn yourself during removal.
    • Some portions of the camera heat up during use. There is the risk of low
    temperature burns when holding such portions for long periods.
    • Do not place your finger over or cover the flash with clothing when
    discharging the flash. Fingers or clothing may be burned.
    • To reduce the risk of hazards, use only CSA/UL Certified power supply cord
    set, cord is Type SPT-2 or heavier, minimum NO.18 AWG copper, one end
    with a molded-on male attachment plug cap (with a specified NEMA
    configuration), and the other is provided with a molded-on female connector
    body (with a specified IEC nonindustrial type configuration) or the equivalent.
    • Only use the specified batteries with this camera. Use of other batteries can
    cause a fire or explosion.
    • Replace all the batteries at the same time. Do not mix battery brands, type
    or an old battery with a new one. It may cause explosion or a fire.
    • The batteries should be inserted correctly with regard to polarity (+ and –)
    marked on the batteries and the camera. Not inserting batteries correctly
    may cause explosion or a fire.
    • Do not disassemble the batteries. Of the batteries that can be used in this
    camera, only the Ni-MH batteries can be recharged. Disassembling the
    batteries or attempting to charge non-rechargeable batteries could result
    in explosion or leakage.
    Care to be Taken During Handling
    • When traveling, take the Worldwide Service Network that is included in
    the package. This will be useful if you experience problems abroad.

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