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Ноутбук GIGABYTE Q1585N. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя GIGABYTE Q1585N. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 111 страницах документа в pdf формате.


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  • Copyright ©  2010 GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
    All Rights Reserved
    GIGABYTE Q1585 Series Notebooks User’s Manual
    Date Issued: 2010/04
    This manual takes you, step by step, through setting up and using your new Notebook PC. Information in this manual has been carefully
    checked for accuracy and is subject to change without prior notice.
    No part or parts of this manual may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic,
    mechanical, by photocopy, recording, or otherwise, without prior written consent.
    Product names used herein are for identication purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective companies.
    Microsoft  , MS-DOS, Windows  , and Windows   Sound System are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.
    Intel  & Atom™. are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
    Sound Blaster & Sound Blaster Pro are trademarks of Creative Technology.
    All other brands or product names mentioned in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  • General Safety Precautions                              that which is recommended by the manufacturer. Using non-
    recommended or non-approved parts may cause damage or increase
    In order to ensure your safety and the safety of you notebook, we ask   the risk of a fire or explosion. In the event that another AC Adapter is
    that your carefully follow these safety precautions.    required, advice should be sought from a GIGABYTE service agent,
    in order to make sure that the correct part is recommended.
    ?  Please follow the battery installation guidelines. Incorrect
    CAUTION: Using your notebook for long periods of time, with
    the base resting directly on exposed skin, can cause injury,      installation of batteries may increase the risk of a fire or explosion.
    burns or discomfort from the heat buildup that is generated from   ?  Only replace old batteries with the same or an alternative
    the base of your portable computer.                 compatible battery that is recommended by GIGABYTE or an
    I                                                             authorized GIGABYTE Service Centre.
    ?  After removing the notebook from the box, please ensure that all   ?  Before connecting the notebook to the power outlet, make sure
    packaging materials are kept out of the reach of small children as      that the voltage rating of the AC Adapter is compatible with the
    they can cause a potential choking hazard. The packaging      power specification in the country where you are located. A
    materials should be safely stored away in the event that it may be      detailed list of the power specification for different countries can
    used again for safe transportation of the notebook.      be found on page 23.
    ?  Ensure that the AC Adapter and power cable are placed in a safe   ?  When using an extension cord, please make sure that the total
    area where it cannot be tripped over or stepped on. The AC      sum of ampere ratings for all connected devices does not exceed
    Adapter should be situated in a well ventilated area and should      the total ampere capacity for the circuit.
    have nothing resting on or covering it.            ?  Before removing the battery from the notebook, make sure firstly
    ?  Before turning on the notebook, ensure that it is placed on a level      that the notebook is switched off and secondly that the AC
    surface with at least 10 cm of clearance around the air vents, which      Adapter is disconnected from the electrical wall socket. Once this
    will aid in proper cooling.                            is done, it would be safe to remove the battery.
    ?  Do not obstruct the air vents of the notebook and do not insert any
    foreign objects into this space. Doing this may cause a short circuit or   Do not carry the notebook battery, loose, in your handbag,
    may cause the CPU fan to malfunction, resulting in the risk of a fire or   backpack or pocket where loose metal objects (money, keys,
    electric shock. This may eventually render permanent damage to the   chains, pens, etc) may be present. The metal objects can short
    notebook.                                                circuit the terminals of the battery resulting in overheating
    ?  Do note press or touch the display panel.               that could cause a fire hazard. In the event that you need to
    ?  Only use the AC Adapter that is provided with the notebook or   transport the battery separately from the notebook, please place
    it inside an anti-static bag.
    ?  Discard old worn out batteries according to the instructions on   notebook until the last minute before placing it on the conveyor.
    Page VI. Never throw batteries into a fire as this can cause an   In some airports it could be stolen while you are stuck in a queue
    explosion.                                           waiting to pass through the metal detector.
    ?  Never attempt to repair or service the notebook yourself. Please   ?  Notebooks and hard drives can pass through X-Ray machines but
    refer all repairs and servicing to qualified service personnel at a      never allow these to pass through a metal detector. This can cause
    GIGABYTE Authorized Service Centre.                  data loss to the hard drive.
    ?  Never place your notebook in the overhead storage compartment as   English
    Travel Tips                                             this can make it susceptible to damage caused by turbulence that
    may be experienced during the flight or in other case theft. You can
    Although notebooks are designed to be as robust as possible to cater   store your notebook under your seat, where it is always in sight.   II
    for a mobile lifestyle, extreme care and caution should be taken when   ?  You should take every precaution to protect your notebook from dust,
    travelling. When travelling by land, sea or air, every precaution should   dirt, liquid spillage, food droppings, extreme weather conditions and
    be taken to make sure that the notebook is well secured when it is not in   direct exposure to sunlight.
    use.                                                 ?  When travelling between different climates, from one extreme to
    another, condensation may occur inside the notebook. If this does
    ?  The most essential accessory you should have when travelling is a   happen, please allow sufficient time for the moisture to evaporate
    good carry case for your notebook. The case should be well   completely, before attempting to switch on.
    padded to protect your notebook from drops and bumps, etc and   ?  When travelling from extremely colder to extremely warmer climates
    should be big enough to hold the size of notebook.   in a short space of time, and vice versa, please allow the notebook
    ?  Make sure there is enough room to carry your AC Adapter and   some time to adapt to the change in environment.
    spare battery etc. Only carry the necessary items in your carry
    case, as the weight can become tedious especially when walking   Usage Tips
    long distances or waiting in long queue’s.
    ?  When travelling by air, never book your notebook with checked   ?  When unplugging the power connector from the notebook,
    baggage. Always declare it as hand baggage so that you can carry   please hold and pull on the connector or the strain relief loop to
    it into the airplane cabin with you. Most airlines allow two pieces of      disconnect. Do not pull the power cord itself as this can cause
    hand baggage with one of them being a bag or carry case with a   damage to the cable or the notebook.
    portable notebook. Please consult your local airline for more details.   ?  In the event of an electrical storm, please disconnect the
    ?  When placing your notebook on an X-Ray, make sure that you keep   notebook from the power source and unplug any network or
    a close eye on it when it is on the conveyor belt. Hold on to your   telephone cables that may be connected to the notebook.

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