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Фен-щетка VICONTE vc-3737. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя VICONTE vc-3737. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 5 страницах документа в pdf формате.


Красота и здоровье
Маникюр / Волосы
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VICONTE vc-3737
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Маникюр / Волосы VICONTE, Фены-щетки VICONTE
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18 Октября 2020 г.
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    Instruction manual
    Руководство по эксплуатации
    Благодарим Вас  за покупку продукции от «Viconte»
  • DESCRIPTION                                          CAUTION!
    • Do not take this appliance into the bathroom or use near a water basin. Such situations constitute a danger to life through electric
    7                                                   shock.
    1.  Round brush  6.  Hanging loop                               6                 • The concentrator becomes hot during operation.
    2.  Brush release button  7.  Swivel cord  3                    5                 • Keep your hair away from the immediate vicinity of the air inlet opening. Keep air inlet filter dust and fluff free.
    3.  Speed control  8.  Curling iron  2                          4                 • Do not restrict air inlet or outlet otherwise the product may overheat.
    4.  Housing      9.  Half-brush
    5.  Air inlet    10. Concentrator
    1                                                                            INSTRUCTION FOR USE
    8      9       10
    • Fully unwind the cord.
    • Attach the nozzle:
    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS                                      ? big roll brush
    ? curling iron
    • Keep this product out of reach of children. The use of this appliance by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities   ? half-brush
    or lack of experience and knowledge can give cause to hazard. Persons responsible for their safety should give explicit instructions   ? concentrator
    or supervise the use of the appliance. We do not accept responsibility for damage to the product, persons or other items, caused by   • To take off the nozzle press the brush release button and holding on the button, pull up the nozzle.
    misuse, abuse or non-compliance with these instructions.                         • Set the speed level of airflow
    • Please read this instruction manual carefully before use and keep it for future reference.  ? 0 – off;
    • The hair dryer is for household use only.                                        ? 1 – low speed for delicate drying and styling;
    • Before the first connecting of the appliance check that voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds the mains voltage in your home.  ? 2 – medium speed for more controlled drying and styling;
    • Do not use outdoors.                                                             ? 3 – high speed for quick drying all the excess moisture off your hair.
    • Do not use other attachments than those supplied.
    • Use the appliance only for the intended purpose.                                  GIVING VOLUME
    • Always remove the plug from the power supply when cleaning the appliance or whenever a disturbance occurs. Pull on the plug, not   • Spread your hair on locks and wind them up on the big roll brush. Do not comb hair right after a curling, give them
    on the cord.                                                                      preliminary to cool down.
    • In order to protect children from the dangers of electrical appliance, never leave them unsupervised with the appliance. Consequently,     CURLING
    when selecting the location for your appliance, do so in such a way that children do not have access to the appliance.  • For curling spread your hair on locks and wind them up on the curling iron. Hot air will form tight curls from your hair.
    • Never use the switch on appliance unsupervised. Switch off the appliance whenever you are not using it, even if it is only for a   Do not comb hair right after curling, give them preliminary to cool down.
    moment.                                                                            DRYING AND COMBING
    • Keep the appliance and the cord away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture, sharp edges and such like.  • Attach the half-brush on the appliance. Set the speed level of airflow and start to comb your hair from your head to
    • Under no circumstances must the appliance be placed in water or other liquids, come into contact with such. Do not use the appliance   hair tips.
    with wet hands.                                                                    DRYING
    • If the appliance becomes wet, remove the plug from the power supply immediately. Do not reach into the water.  • Attach the concentrator on the appliance. Use the directed airflow for controlled drying and for spot drying.
    • Test the appliance and the cord regularly for damage if there is damage of any kind, the appliance should not be used.
    • Do not repair the appliance by yourself, consult an authorized service center.
  • CLEANING AND CARE                                                                      ОПИСАНИЕ
    • Switch off the hair dryer, unplug from the power supply.                                                        7                               6
    • Wipe over the housing using a soft damp cloth.                                  1.  Круглая насадка  6.  Петелька для   3
    • Remove and wash the nozzles in warm soupy water.                                2.  Кнопка извлечения   подвешивания                            5
    • Do not use hard abrasives or cleaners.                                            насадок       7.  Вращающийся   2                             4
    • Ensure all parts are dried thoroughly with a soft dry towel.                    3.  Переключатель   шнур
    мощности потока   8.  Щипцы для
    STORAGE                                                                           воздуха          завивки тонкими   1               8      9       10
    • Ensure the hair dryer is completely cool and dry.                               4.  Корпус         локонами
    • Store the appliance in a cool, dry place.                                       5.  Воздухозаборные   9.  Полукруглая щетка
    отверстия     10. Концентратор
    SPECIFICATION                                                                 МЕРЫ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ
    • Данный прибор не предназначен для использования людьми (включая детей), у которых есть физические, нервные или
    психические отклонения или недостаток опыта и знаний за исключением случаев, когда за ними осуществляется надзор или
    Power supply                         220-230 V, 50 Hz                             проводится инструктаж лицом, отвечающим за их безопасность. Необходимо осуществлять надзор за детьми с целью недо-
    Power                                1200 W                                       пущения их игр с прибором!
    • Перед использованием прибора внимательно прочтите инструкцию по эксплуатации.
    • Прибор предназначен только для домашнего использования.
    SERVICE AND WARRANTY                                     • Перед первым использованием прибора проверьте, соответствует ли электропитание Вашего фена, указанное в таблице
    с техническими характеристиками, электропитанию в Вашей локальной сети.
    • Не используйте прибор вне помещений.
    This product has been checked and is free of defects. We warrant this product against any defects that are due to faulty material or
    workmanship for the warranty period from the original date of consumer purchase. If the product should become defective within the   • Не используйте принадлежности, не входящие в комплект данного прибора.
    warranty period, we will repair any such defect or elect to replace the product or any part of it without charge provided there is proof of   • Прибор следует использовать только в соответствии с данной инструкцией.
    • Всегда отключайте прибор от сети питания перед чисткой, а также в случае любых неисправностей. При отключении фена
    purchase. This does not mean an extension of the warranty period. Also warranty does not include damage to the product by accident   держитесь рукой за вилку, не тяните за электрошнур.
    or misuse, abuse, alteration to the product or use inconsistent with the technical and/or safety instructions required. This warranty shall   • Во избежание поражения детей электрическим током, держите прибор в местах, недоступных детям.
    not apply if the product has been dismantled or repaired by a person not authorized by us. More detailed information about warranty
    conditions and the list of authorized service centers please find in warranty card.  • Не оставляйте включенный прибор без присмотра. Выключайте прибор даже в том случае, если Вы не будете пользоваться
    им несколько минут.
    In  line  with  our  policy  of  continuous  development  we  reserve  the  right  to  change  this  product,  packaging  and   • Держите прибор и электрошнур вдали от источников тепла, прямых солнечных лучей, влаги, острых углов и т.д.
    • Не погружайте прибор в воду или другие жидкости. Не пользуйтесь прибором, если Ваши руки мокрые.
    documentation specification without notice.
    • Если фен попал в воду, немедленно отключите прибор от сети питания, затем вытащите его из воды.

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