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Электрическая зубная щётка BRAUN Oral-B Vitality 3D. Инструкция на русском языке

Руководство пользователя BRAUN Oral-B Vitality 3D. Основные функции, характеристики и условия эксплуатации изложены на 18 страницах документа в pdf формате.


Красота и здоровье
Маникюр / Волосы
Тип устройства
Электрическая зубная щётка
Производитель (бренд)
BRAUN Oral-B Vitality 3D
Еще инструкции
Маникюр / Волосы BRAUN, Электрические зубные щётки BRAUN
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29 Ноября 2020 г.
27 просмотров
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  • Ora
    Oral-B  Oral-B
    16 h
    a      b      c
    GB     0 800 731 1792
    IE     1 800 509 448
    FR     0 800 944 803
    (appel gratuit depuis
    un poste fixe)
    BE     0 800 14 592
    LU     4 00 50 51
    TR     0 800 261 63 65
    RU     8-800-200-20-20
    UA     + 38 044 428 65 05
    MA     0800 100 70 75
    Braun GmbH
    Frankfurter Stra?e 145
    61476 Kronberg/Germany
    Type  3757
    07.07.11   09:38
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   2  07.07.11   09:38
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   2
  • English
    Welcome to Oral-B!
    Please read the use instructions care-
    fully before first use.
    •Periodically check the cord for
    damage. If the cord is damaged,
    take the charging unit to an Oral-B
    Braun Service Centre. A damaged
    or non-functioning unit must no
    longer be used.
    •This product is not intended for use
    by children under age three.
    •This appliance is not intended for
    use by children or persons with
    reduced physical, sensory or mental
    capabilities, unless they are super-
    vised by a person responsible for
    their safety. In general, we recom-
    mend that you keep the appliance
    out of reach of children.
    •Children should be supervised to
    ensure that they do not play with the
    •If the product is dropped, the brush
    head should be replaced before
    the next use even if no damage is
    •Do not place or store the charger
    where it can fall or be pulled into a
    tub or sink.
    •Do not place the charger in water or
    other liquid.
    •Do not reach for a charger that has
    fallen into water. Unplug immedi-
    •Do not modify or repair the product.
    This may cause fire, electric shock
    or injury. Consult your dealer for
    repairs or contact an Oral-B Service
    Centre. Do not disassemble the
    product except when disposing of
    the battery.
    •When taking out the battery for
    disposal, use caution not to short
    the positive (+) and negative (–)
    • Do not insert any object into any
    opening of the appliance/charger.
    •Do not touch the power plug with
    wet hands. This can cause an
    electric shock.
    •When unplugging, always hold the
    power plug instead of the cord.
    •Use this product only for its intended
    use as described in this manual. Do
    not use attachments which are not
    recommended by the manufacturer.
    •If you are undergoing treatment for
    any oral care condition, consult your
    dental professional prior to use.
    A  Brush head (depending on model/
    B On/off switch
    C Handle
    D Charging unit
    Connecting and charging
    Your toothbrush has a waterproof
    handle, is electrically safe and
    designed for use in the bathroom.
    •Plug the charging unit (D) into an
    electrical outlet and place the
    handle (C) on there. For voltage
    specifications refer to the bottom of
    the charging unit. A full charge takes
    16 hours and enables approximately
    one week of regular brushing (twice
    a day, 2 minutes) (1).
    •For everyday use, the handle can be
    stored on the plugged-in charging
    unit to maintain the toothbrush at
    full power; there is no risk of over-
    charging. However for environ-
    mental reasons, Oral-B recom-
    mends to unplug the charging unit
    until the next recharge is required.
    Battery maintenance
    To maintain the maximum capacity
    of the rechargeable battery, unplug
    the charging unit and discharge the
    handle by regular use at least every
    6 months.
    Using the toothbrush
    Wet brush head and apply toothpaste;
    you can use any kind of toothpaste. To
    avoid splashing, guide the brush head
    to your teeth before switching the
    appliance on (B) (2).
    Start brushing the outsides, and then
    the insides and finally the chewing
    surfaces (3). Turn off the handle by
    pressing the on/off switch.
    Timer (depending on model)
    An incorporated timer memorises
    the elapsed brushing time. A short
    stuttering sound indicates the end
    of the professionally recommended
    2-minute brushing time.
    Individual brush heads and
    Oral-B offers you a variety of brush
    heads which are available in stores
    that sell Oral-B products:
    The Oral-B Precision Clean brush head
    cups each tooth with a
    curved bristle trim and
    reaches deep between
    teeth at the same time.
    The Oral-B Sensitive brush head
    an extra soft bristle
    texture that is gentle on
    teeth and gums.
    Oral-B 3DWhite brush head
    features a dentist-
    inspired polishing cup to
    remove surface stains
    from coffee, tea and
    tobacco for effective
    brightening. We do not recommend
    using the Oral-B 3DWhite brush head
    with braces.
    Dentists recommend replacing any
    toothbrush every 3 months.
    Therefore brush heads feature light
    blue INDICATOR  bristles to help you
    monitor brush head replacement
    need. With thorough brushing, twice a
    day for two minutes, the blue color will
    fade halfway down approximately in a
    3-month period. If the bristles splay
    before the colour recedes, you are
    exerting too much pressure on teeth
    and gums (3a–c).
    During the first days of using the
    toothbrush, your gums may bleed
    slightly. In general, bleeding should
    stop after a few days. Should it persist
    after two weeks, please consult your
    dentist or dental hygienist.
    After use, rinse the brush head for
    several seconds under running water
    with the handle switched on. Then
    switch off the handle and take off
    the brush head. Rinse both parts
    separately under running water and
    wipe them dry. From time to time, also
    clean the charging unit with a damp
    cloth (4).
    Subject to change without notice.
    This product contains recharge-
    able batteries. In the interest of
    protecting the environment,
    please do not dispose of the
    product in the household waste at the
    end of its useful life. Disposal can take
    place at an Oral-B Braun Service
    Centre or at appropriate collection
    points provided in your country.
    07.07.11   09:38
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   3  07.07.11   09:38
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   3
  • Guarantee
    We grant 2 years guarantee on the
    product commencing on the date of
    purchase. Within the guarantee period
    we will eliminate, free of charge, any
    defects in the appliance resulting from
    faults in materials or workmanship,
    either by repairing or replacing the
    complete appliance as we may
    choose. This guarantee extends to
    every country where this appliance is
    supplied by Braun or its appointed
    This guarantee does not cover:
    damage due to improper use, normal
    wear or use, especially regarding the
    brush heads, as well as defects that
    have a negligible effect on the value
    or operation of the appliance. The
    guarantee becomes void if repairs are
    undertaken by unauthorized persons
    and if original Braun parts are not
    To obtain service within the guarantee
    period, hand in or send the complete
    appliance with your sales receipt to an
    authorized Oral-B Braun Customer
    Service Centre.
    Bienvenue chez Oral-B!
    Veuillez lire les instructions d’utilisa-
    tion avant d’utiliser le systeme pour la
    premiere fois.
    •Verifiez regulierement que le cordon
    d’alimentation n’est pas endom-
    mage. Si le cordon est endommage,
    emportez l’unite de charge dans un
    Centre de service Oral-B Braun.
    Ne tentez pas d’utiliser une unite
    endommagee ou qui ne fonctionne
    •Ce produit n’est pas concu pour les
    enfants de moins de trois ans.
    •L’appareil n’est pas concu pour les
    enfants ou les personnes dont les
    capacites physiques ou mentales
    sont reduites, sauf sous le controle
    d’une personne responsable, pour
    leur propre securite. En general
    nous conseillons de tenir l’appareil
    hors de portee des enfants.
    •Les enfants doivent etre supervises
    pour s’assurer qu’ils ne jouent pas
    avec l’appareil.
    •Si le produit chute, il y a lieu de
    remplacer la tete de brosse avant
    l’utilisation suivante, meme si aucun
    dommage n’est visible.
    •Ne placez pas ou ne rangez pas
    le chargeur a un endroit ou il peut
    tomber ou etre pousse dans la
    baignoire ou le lavabo.
    •Ne mettez pas le chargeur dans
    l’eau ou un autre liquide.
    •Ne prenez pas en main un chargeur
    tombe dans l’eau. Debranchez-le
    •Ne modifiez pas et ne reparez pas le
    produit. Vous pourriez provoquer un
    incendie, un choc electrique ou une
    blessure. Consultez votre distribu-
    teur pour toute reparation ou con-
    tactez un Centre de service Oral-B.
    Ne demontez pas le produit, sauf
    pour remplacer la pile.
    •Lorsque vous retirez la pile pour la
    jeter, veillez a ne pas court-circuiter
    les poles positif (+) et negatif (–).
    •N’inserez aucun objet dans l’ouver-
    ture de l’appareil/du chargeur.
    •Ne touchez pas la prise avec des
    mains mouillees. Cela pourrait
    entrainer un choc electrique.
    •Lorsque vous debranchez l’appareil,
    tirez toujours la fiche et non le
    •Utilisez ce produit seulement pour
    l’usage envisage et decrit dans ce
    manuel. N’utilisez pas d’accessoires
    qui ne sont pas recommandes par le
    •Si vous subissez un traitement pour
    un probleme buccal quelconque,
    consultez d’abord votre dentiste ou
    medecin avant toute utilisation.
    A  Brossette (selon le modele)
    B Bouton marche/arret
    C Manche
    D  Station de chargement
    Branchement et chargement
    Votre brosse a dents est equipee d’un
    manche etanche, garantit la securite
    electrique et est concue pour etre
    utilisee dans la salle de bains.
    •Branchez le chargeur de base (D)
    dans une prise electrique et placez
    le manche de la brosse a dents (C)
    sur l’unite de chargement. Pour
    les specificites de voltage, voir en
    dessous de l’unite de chargement.
    Une charge complete necessite
    16 heures et permet une utilisation
    d’environ 1 semaine (brossage 2 fois
    par jours pendant 2 minutes) (1).
    •En usage quotidien, le manche de la
    brosse a dents peut etre replace sur
    l’unite de chargement pour rester
    totalement charge. Il est impossible
    de surcharger la brosse a dents.
    Toutefois, pour des raisons environ-
    nementales, Oral-B recommande
    de debrancher le chargeur jusqu’au
    prochain chargement.
    Maintenance de la batterie
    Pour maintenir une capacite maximale
    de la pile rechargeable, debranchez
    l’unite de chargement et laissez
    decharger totalement le manche en
    utilisant la brosse a dents normale-
    ment, et ce au moins tous les 6 mois.
    Utilisation de votre brosse a
    Mouillez la brossette et appliquez le
    dentifrice ; vous pouvez utiliser tous
    les dentifrices. Pour eviter les
    eclaboussures, placez la tete de la
    brosse sur vos dents avant d’allumer
    l’appareil sur (B) (2).
    Commencez par brosser l’exterieur
    puis l’interieur et enfin les surfaces de
    mastication (3). Eteignez le manche
    en pressant le bouton marche/arret.
    Minuterie (selon le modele)
    Une minuterie incorporee memorise
    les temps de brossage ecoule. Une
    breve vibration vous indique la fin du
    temps de brossage de 2 minutes re-
    commande par les professionnels.
    Tetes de brosses et
    accessoires individuels
    Oral-B vous offre une variete de bros-
    settes disponibles dans les magasins
    vendant les produits Oral-B:
    La brossette Oral-B Precision Clean
    entoure chaque dent
    avec des poils arrondis et
    de differentes tailles qui
    nettoient en profondeur
    les dents.
    La brossette Oral-B Sensitive
    est pourvue de poils extra
    doux qui sont delicats
    pour les dents et les
    La brossette Oral-B 3DWhite
    est pourvue d’une coupe
    de polissage afin
    d’eliminer les taches de
    surfaces venant du cafe,
    07.07.11   09:38
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   4
    99325376_D12_RU_MEA.indd   4  07.07.11   09:38

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